Let it go, let it go

A few weeks ago I pulled my headphones out a second too early on the District Line, serenading the carriage with the famous words from the Frozen soundtrack. Although this still makes me cringe (yes I’m 22 and should have a cooler taste in music), focusing on the idea of letting things go is never a bad thing.

We live in a world where giving up is a sign of weakness; if you can fight for the things you love, you are truly strong. Yet perhaps those who can let go of the bad, the guilt and the blame, and hold onto the good are the happiest of them all. As I recover from a condition that thrives on control and insecurity, letting go of the past has, and will, always be a struggle. A self confessed over thinker, ‘can we dwell’ is a phrase that passes my lips at least twice a day. I don’t let things go, I worry and stress about them.

With the fear of the unknown weighing heavily on my shoulders, I take some time to focus on the inside and return to the haven that is The Power Yoga Company in Fulham. I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something special about this place. With half the staircase dedicated to those with bare feet, the other for those in trainers, whatever your journey, this is somewhere to take a breather.

Namaste means ‘my soul honours your soul’ and in the simplicity of this greeting you are reminded that resentment and anger are not feelings to carry. As you sweat through the practise (the rooms are heated and the movements are quick), you soon realise that yoga isn’t a race. All abilities practise together – sure you might not be as good as the girl next to you, but who cares?

As our instructor Aram tells us ‘it’s fine to wobble, but don’t wobble too much’ – a message I take with me as I roll up my mat. I’m definitely still wobbling now and again, but as I attempt to let go of the past, I can’t help thinking Elsa was one lady who knew what she was talking about.

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