Everything works out in the end

This week a good friend directed me to Kodaline’s new album ‘Coming up for air’, telling me to have a listen and share my thoughts. Part of me thinks he’s trying to get me to move on from the frozen soundtrack, but at the same time, he really was onto a winner. Not one to blog about music, there’s a particular song that has stuck with me and inspired this post – the aptly named ‘Everything works out in the end’.

It’s a cliché, but when your head is in the clouds it’s hard to hold onto the notion that everything happens for a reason. Whether it’s an illness or an injury, a bereavement or a breakup, getting lost in the stress and sadness is all too easy. Everyone promises you there’s a blue sky out there, somewhere, but it’s pretty hard to see.

These past few weeks I have tried something new and downloaded an app called ‘Headspace’. A form of meditation (bare with me on this one), the aim is to get you to take ten, to let the thoughts come and go like passing cars and to just sit and watch. As hippie as it may sound, this isn’t about chanting or being sat cross legged on a yoga mat, but plugging in, listening and just breathing.

As someone who has always struggled with the fear of uncertainty, for the first time in my life my usual coping mechanism isn’t an option. I run and hide, I focus on food, I paint on a smile and pretend it’s not happening. Maybe I’m growing up, but as I plug into the treadmill and let everything wash over me, just having faith that these feelings won’t last forever is enough.

With Kodaline playing in my ears I finish my morning’s 5k with a smile. It sometimes takes that person who knows you better than you know yourself to remind you when you start to lose your way.

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