My next adventure

If you had asked me a few years ago what I planned to do after graduating, I would almost definitely have spun you a line about ‘finding myself’. Yet two years, two jobs and two gym memberships later, it’s safe to say I’m still pretty lost. Life has got in the way, but is also far too short. So with this in mind, now seems the perfect time to disappear for a while and finally set off on my adventure.

I am the girl who gets sunburn on day one, leaves her passport in WH Smiths and can’t read a map to save her life, so travelling alone is terrifying but exhilarating. So far out of my comfort zone, I begin my journey from London to the bright lights of Bangkok in exactly five weeks time.

From Bangkok I travel down to Surat Thani on a sleeper train (part of the trip I’m choosing not to dwell on yet), then onwards to Khao Sok to explore the beautiful National Park and meet the animals that call it home.

The girl who doesn’t do buses in London (don’t ask) will then spend five hours on local transport to Don Sak, and then catch a ferry to Ko Saumi on the east coast. Staying here for a couple of nights another ferry takes me to Koh Tao to learn how to snorkel like a pro, before sleeper train-ing my way back to Bangkok on the final leg of my journey.

Excited, nervous and spinning like there’s no tomorrow now bikini shopping is a reality, I’m counting down the days. As my to-do list grows, Thailand is fast becoming my main topic of conversation (my hair going yellow is always a close second). By far my most spontaneous decision yet, I can’t wait to share my journey with you all.

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