Sweaty Betty – bootcamp style

I’ve always avoided bootcamps, my one experience of training with a man ending in tears, a tantrum and weights being thrown in Loughborough Powerbase. It’s safe to say, I don’t take kindly to the whole ‘tough love’ thing. Yet with two and a half weeks left to get a Victoria Secret’s body (did I mention I’m going to Thailand?) I embraced the challenge and headed to Eel Brook Common to try a Sweaty Betty boot camp with Swift Fitness.

Thursday nights are usually spent abusing my Revs loyalty card and as I reach burpee number 45, I did question my decision to skip tonight. Our instructor Sam is every bit the bootcamp trainer, ‘just two more minutes’ lasting for a gruelling six as we sit-up, push-up and squat through the shaking. From sprints and high knees to skipping, there’s no time to complain and no corner to hide.

As one circuit ends the next begins, throwing heavy ropes, pulling resistance bands and running with sand bags. I soon realise that despite my reservations, bootcamps can be less military and more motivational (that or I didn’t dare shout back this time).

Once again, the Sweaty Betty girls get me through; my partner telling me to ‘think of that bikini’ as we hold our planks and ski squats. Being outside and working together feeling far more rewarding than my solo sessions in the gym.

An hour later I walk to the tube exhausted, muddy, but smiling. The buzz takes a while to wear off; walking up stairs on the other hand is an instant struggle.

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