22 lessons learnt at 22 

I’ve never been one of those people that get sentimental about birthdays, but as my 23rd approaches I’ve decided to sit back and take note of the lessons I’ve learnt this year. It’s been full of various ups and downs, but here are the twenty two lessons I’ve learned at twenty two.

1. Breakups are the worst 

An obvious place to start, NOTHING prepares you for the pain of a broken heart. Remember it’s ok to cry, wallow, eat an entire packet of rice cakes and drink way too much wine. Have that one close friend to guide you through it and keep believing when she says it will get easier.

2. Social media is not real life 

The most heinous person on the inside can appear the most beautiful behind an instagram filter. None of it is real and none of it matters. Oh and stalking never makes you feel better, ever.

3. Travelling changes everything 

Pack a bag and go. You will make new friends, meet new people and learn more about yourself than you ever believed you could.

4. Dying your naturally blonde hair brown is always a mistake

Two words – yellow hair.

5. It’s ok if he doesn’t text you back 

Dating is a minefield, but let’s face it unless he is Prime minister he is never too busy to text you back. If he goes silent unexpectedly, delete his number, move on and accept he definitely wasn’t your future husband anyway.

6. Happiness is a state of mind 

One I often regret not learning sooner; if you are unhappy, look inside not at others. Sure people can guide you and offer advice, but only you have the power to change things. Learn to let go.

7. Life is too short, buy the bag 

Sometimes you just have to invest in that oak Del Ray Mulberry. The impulsive decisions might make your bank balance sob, but think of it as an investment.

8. Paddington is my favourite film of all time

What did I do without that little bear in my life?

9. Saying goodbye to your pets is the worst 

Remember what I said about broken hearts? This applies here too.

10. Time, green tea and a good nights sleep heals everything 

Everything seems worse the morning after (especially if you have a hangover), give it a week and then reconsider.

11. Eat the food 

Have a fat day, skip the gym, buy a sharing cup of pick and mix and finish it before you get home. Days off are good for your body.

12. Your real friends…

…are the ones that answer your texts at 4am, wipe away your tears and listen to the same moans again and again AND again. (Thank you).

13.Über can be the best and worst thing ever

I’m not saying I don’t love knowing my drivers name at 2am, but tripling the fare at busy times is a snaky move über.

14. Porridge is the best breakfast a girl can get 

112 calories and I’m not hungry till lunch time – where have have you been all my life gluten free oats?

15. Be careful who you share your problems with 

Not everyone can keep a secret and some people just love a drama.

16. Sometimes you’ve got to listen to your gut 

If you feel something in your gut it’s usually right. Listen to it.

17. Face piercings are not for me 

Especially not when they are done at 3am in a bamboo hut by a topless Thai man.

18. A pea salad from Leon can turn any bad day around

Yes I would eat peas for every meal if I could, but seriously if you haven’t tried it you’ve been missing out.

19. The underground is evil 

If you want to test your immune system, patience and people skills, ride the underground five days a week. Also whilst on the subject, if you want to stand a chance of getting through the winter germ free, always carry hand san.

20. I don’t hate country music as much as I once thought 

Jade O’Donoghue this one is all on you.

21. Tequila ruins me, every time 

And no matter how many times I try I will never be able to shot vodka or enjoy gin and tonic.

22. You don’t always need a plan 

It’s ok to still not know where you are going or what you want to do next.  It’s fine to admit you are lost. Don’t lose faith – it’s all happening for a reason and one day you will work it all out.

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