September starts

Without a doubt, September has always been my least favourite time of year. A time of change, be it going back to school or saying goodbye to the summer, give me January blues or April showers any day. This year however, my September has been filled with a number of unexpected, but pretty noteworthy new starts I feel like I need to share with you all.

My silence over the past month can be explained by one very stressful, but exciting move to Fulham. Living on my own in London for the first time, I’ve been taking my first steps into the adult world of rent, gas metres and broken washing machines. One of my best moves yet, despite some hiccups along the way, I’m finding my feet and feeling the happiest I have in a long time.

The next September change comes in the shape of my recent signing to a Monday night netball team. Ladies and gentleman, make way for the Fulham Ballers. My ten year break and our current losing streak aside, I’ve googled the rules, put the wing attack vest back on and am completely hooked on the buzz that comes from playing as a team. That said, if anyone has any netball tips, please shout (no seriously, do).

My final new start is a pretty difficult one to put into words, but was found in the realisation that letting someone go does not mean losing them forever. Who knows what the future brings, but with the support of those select few who will never stop caring, perhaps change isn’t so scary after all.

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