Week two

Two weeks down, 19.7 miles run and I’m writing my first marathon blog. Aching, tired and slightly terrified at how far I have to go, I’ve learnt some important lessons as I take my first steps into the running world.

Food really is fuel

With a 10K under my belt, my dietician’s words came screaming back to me – food is fuel. Running on an empty stomach seemed fine at the time, but four hours later I was not ok.

Blisters are the worst

Currently out of action, I am seriously suffering with a blister on the ball of my foot. After many hours of googling, stressing about my gait and showing people in the office (sorry guys), I’ve got to say a big thanks to the wonderful staff at Sporting Feet in Putney who patiently solved my over pronation issues and have, fingers crossed, got me back on my feet.

I’m going back on my word with the Nike plus app

Despite vowing to never show you my run times, the Nike plus app is my new favourite. Syncing to my music, telling me my average mile and giving me words of encouragement along the way, my virtual coach is my new best friend.

Find someone, anyone to run with

Someone who will force you to run when it’s raining, speed up your time and cope with your meltdowns at mile six is a good person to have on your side. Thanks Paul.

I’ve got a long way to go

Watching two half marathons the last two weekends, the distance ahead of me is overwhelming. Suddenly 27 weeks doesn’t feel that far away at all; bring on the next few weeks of training hurdles.

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