A bad case of bad luck

It seems to be that every time I enter something into the pages of my new diary things go wrong. The page left open on April 24th, as I write this, the London Marathon remains a big question mark. With a torn hamstring, I am unable to do anything for the next two months and after spending a few days crying and moaning, I’m beginning to come to terms with the idea that 2016 might just not be my time.

Michelle, my very amazing physio is doing her best to get me fit as quickly as possible, but with the prospect of missing eight weeks of training, the reality is sinking in. Still unable to weight bear, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a miracle, but in the meantime I’ve been told to put it out my mind, rest and get used to countless ice packs.

One thing I’ve learnt through the comments on this blog and my work with the charity Beat, is that everyone who beats anorexia has a coping mechanism. For me, this is the gym. What started as a way of coping with a normal diet has become something I rely on in an entirely different manner.

A stress reliever, a confidence builder, a place where I can change my body for the good. Despite my dedication to run 26.2 miles for something I really believe in, I know risking serious injury and months without exercise just isn’t an option.

Not the new year I was expecting, but proof you really never know what’s around the corner, I’ve got a difficult few weeks ahead. Bear with me and once again, thanks to every one of you for supporting, reading and following my journey this past year – wishing you all a happy and healthy start to 2016!

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