7 things nobody tells you about being injured

After weeks of physio, tears and a lack of trainers, I am back on the mend. Sadly, not marathon ready, but running nonetheless. Part of my inspiration for this blog was sharing my fitness highs and lows, so a year after I sent my first post live, I bring you my next step – a different kind of recovery.

1. It hurts

An obvious place to start, but the stress and pain of an injury is far more than just the physical. From running five days a week to not weight baring, my stress levels were through the roof. After many ‘I’m going to gain weight’ tears (and a lot of reassurance from my very brilliant boyfriend) I got my head around the fact that rest and time really are the greatest healers.

2. It’s all in your head

Six weeks in, my physio Michelle puts me on a treadmill and tells me to run. My terrified first steps taught me that a big part of rehab is in your head, as I fought my brains instance my body wasn’t ready.

3. It’s a marathon not a sprint

As much as the word marathon puts me in a sulk, when recovering from an injury you really are in it for the long run. Going a tiny bit further everyday, I’ve lost muscle and fitness, but have my heart set on London 2017.

4. Listen to what the experts have to say

My biggest regret? Ignoring Michelle’s advice. As good as it felt to walk around Richmond Park on New Years Eve, it only took twenty four hours for me to regret not listening to her instructions.

5. Ice, ice and more ice

If I never see another ice pack, it will still be too soon.

6. Nothing feels as good as that first run back
Yes it was only three miles round Fulham in the dark, but finally being back on my feet was like winning the most frustrating race of my life.

7. You’ll get there in the end

Despite dreading the 24th April, I know this is just the start of my marathon journey. As disappointing as it may be, I know I’ll get to the finish one day.

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