The TomTom runner 2

I seem to start all my blogs with the sentence ‘it’s been a while since I’ve been on here’, but as usual, life has taken over and finding time to write has been a challenge. With my best friend by my side, I have moved house again and made some exciting plans for the summer (watch this space).

Yet in between the packing, moving and cycling (he’s training for a triathlon and I’ve started pedalling to work) I’ve started to get back into running, with a year to go till it’s my turn to run the marathon. My biggest problem? Still my ability to pace. Sprinting off at a speed too fast for my body, then hating every second of the run after mile three is a common problem, and one I need to overcome asap.

So, like most twenty first century runners, I’ve decided to solve this by buying a gadget to help. Entering the world of GPS watches has been mind blowing, with heart rate straps, multi sport functions and even Bluetooth music to choose from, how do you, well, choose? After much deliberation and a great deal of review reading, I have settled on the TomTom runner 2 and am here to bring you my thoughts so far.

First impressions mean a lot, and the TomTom is everything it promises to be on the website. Despite spending my days writing for a website, I’m a bit of a technophobe, but even I can navigate my way around the watch. It’s not as heavy as other models and I love the inbuilt heart rate monitor, as for a girl, wearing a chest strap and a sports bra is a no go.

Despite struggling to get the GPS to sync on my first run and finding the lack of auto pause slightly irritating, being able to quickly upload my runs to the Nike+ app is a big selling point. (The GPS issues also seem to have been solved by doing a phone update). Waking up on day two, I’ve been told how long and how many calories I’ve burnt sleeping, before setting out on a 22 mile cycle to Richmond Park. Being able to see your pace, heart rate and miles per hour is definitely an interesting tool to have, whatever your training goals.

Despite choosing a model with the ability to play music, getting a playlist onto the watch was a bit of a nightmare, and I am yet to try it on a run. Yet, as watches go, so far so good. Will it make me love those longer runs? Watch this space.


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