My partner in crime

It’s not often I blog about my personal life; despite sharing stories from my past, this has never been a place to talk about my thoughts and feelings in the present. Yet over the last few weeks, I’ve fallen back in love with running (despite what I might say at the time) with the help of a new pair of trainers, and more importantly, a new running partner.

Putting up with the tears and tantrums, he cheers every mile, keeps my pace and makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable. There’s definitely something to be said for plugging into a playlist and running on your own, but when you’ve got someone making you laugh, pushing you to go further and stopping you from, well, stopping it definitely helps.

A few runs in, he’s so much more natural (and looks a lot more graceful) than I do. He’s entered the ballot for London next year, so hopefully this is just the start of our marathon journey. Wish us luck!

Ps. In case you hadn’t noticed from the new design, my blog now has Instagram – give me a follow, I update that much more frequently, promise!


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