23 lessons learnt at 23

Does doing something two years running make it a tradition? Last year I wrote a birthday blog, and decided (after celebrating my 24tb a week ago in paradise) this seems like a good time to look back on the last 365 days. 
1. Quitting your job and deciding to travel the world is a big decision – one I’m glad I made, but spent a long time deliberating on. 

2. Being unemployed and homeless doesn’t feel as scary as I thought it would be on the other side of the world.

3. Life doesn’t fall apart if you don’t go to the gym everyday – something it’s taken me three weeks and three days to realise (sorry for the constant moans Dave). 

4. Living out a rucksack is hard work – ‘where the hell is my…oh wait I’ve found it’. 

5. I still haven’t learnt how to tan (and have accepted I’ll probably have a burnt nose for the next few months). 

6. When you meet the right person it just works – as cheesy as this sounds, it’s true. Finding the right person makes you realise how wrong it was before. 

7. I have an unhealthy obsession with Adele.

8. I’m becoming a bit of a foodie – Megan’s and The Gate being my top picks this year. After years of depriving my body, actually enjoying food is a very welcomed change. 

9. Good friends don’t disappear – the ones who do weren’t real friends in the first place. 

10. Moving house is stressful – I’ve moved into (and then out of) three different flats in the past year and can confirm, it never gets any easier. It also takes a few weeks before somewhere feels like home. 

11. I still don’t know how to rent in London – a topic that deserves its own blog post in my opinion. After one illegal contract and two awful landlords, I’ve learnt the hard that it pays to be cautious before signing on the dotted line. 

12. Cycling in London isn’t as bad as it seems – my route to work was carefully planned so I’d never have to turn right, and some days I screamed all of the way round Wandsworth Bridge roundabout, but I loved it all the same.

13. Standing on your own two feet is an important part of growing up. Paying rent, dealing with flatmates and learning how to fix the washing machine were all important lessons to learn. 

14. Credit cards cannot survive being tumble dried. 

15. Not getting the underground to work makes you a happier (and healthier) person. 

16. Things might not turn out how you wanted, but there’s always plan b – with so many blog posts about the marathon, I don’t need to explain this one, but after an injury, a lot of tears and a slow recovery, listening to my body has never felt more important. 

17. Whilst on the subject, running doesn’t get any easier. You get fitter and stronger, but they’ll always be days where you find it tough. My most important lesson? Find what works for you, be it the right pair of trainers, GPS watch or running partner. 

18. Kayla Itsines is a genius, (despite what I say 27 minutes into one of her circuits).

19. I spend far too much time worrying about my weight and what I look like.  

20. I’m rubbish at buying presents – it might be the thought that counts, but egg poaching pods are not an acceptable Valentine’s Day present. 

21. I’m still addicted to social media – something I’m trying to change this next year. 

22. As cliche as it sounds, you can only regret the things you don’t do. 

23. Everything can change in a year. My world has changed in more ways than I’d ever have believed, but I’ve never felt happier. With this in mind, I’m so excited for the next year of adventures. 

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