Tips for the health conscious traveller

It’s safe to say, I’m a self confessed health freak. When I’m not checking my step count on my TomTom runner 2, I’m reading health blogs or looking at Kayla Itsines’ bbg transformations. Although there are definitely worse things to be addicted to, ‘letting it go’ when travelling has been harder than I expected.
An obsession that started during my recovery, training is a big part of my ordinary London life. Therefore, when making the not so ordinary decision to pack it all in and travel the world, keeping in shape was a worry. 
Five weeks in, I can’t pretend to be over it, but thought I’d share my tips so far, for all those fitness obsessed travellers who feel my pain. 

Pack your gym kit – it will make you feel better 

I admit, I haven’t worn mine as much as I thought I would, but knowing I’ve got my running trainers and sports bra when I need them reassures my restless mind. What’s more, having the proper gear if you do find time for a hike or bike ride helps! 
You’ll spend your whole time on your feet

If somebody had told me how tiring travelling was when I was commuting, gymming and working a nine till five, I’d have laughed. Yet it truly is. From walking nine miles round a new city, to climbing hundreds of stairs to see a hilltop temple, you’re always walking – embrace that low intensity cardio and don’t worry about it. 

Swim, kayak and fit in a room workout when you can 

Any bbg girl will know you don’t always need to be in a gym to workout. My wonderful boyfriend has joined me on some hostel room workouts (always pushing me to do ten more sets) and even with the aircon on max, it’s not long before I feel like I’ve done hours in the gym. 

You are what you eat 

It’s true, abs are made in the kitchen. For me, travelling round Asia I’m eating some of the healthiest foods ever. I’m not snacking as much as I do at home and despite drinking slightly more, my body has not changed dramatically without my strict running routine. 

Carry that backpack 

Last but certainly not least, if your backpack is as jam packed and heavy as mine, rest assured you’ll be doing an arm and back workout every single day anyway. 

Sometimes I write this blog and realise I need to practise what I preach. Even now, I have good days and ‘do I look fat in this’ days myself. My parting words of wisdom (and something that helps me everyday on this journey) is to try and relax into it, and turn to those who love you if you ever need that extra encouragement. 

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