My eat, pray, love moment 

I promised myself, my boyfriend and my blog, I’d never become one of those stereotypical travellers – leaving my London life behind in a bid to find myself abroad. Yet following a short visit to the hospital and a bout of salmonella, my eat pray love moment arose, after taking some time to reflect in Ubud. So, please forgive me for becoming an awful cliché, as I share my latest adventure with you all.

First things first, for those gluten free vegetarian travellers out there (I cannot be the only one), Ubud is a dream come true. With more organic grub than your local Whole Foods, fried rice is finally off the menu. Two spots worth a visit are Alchemy, a completely vegan restaurant with a make your own smoothie-bowl-bar, and Atman Kafe, which has an extensive wheat free menu and possibly the best coconut pancakes in the world.  

Next up, The Yoga Barn; possibly the most beautiful location for my return to the mat, after four long months of carrying a backpack and sleeping on buses. A large converted barn surrounded by trees, you’ll find barefooted yogis’ sat cross legged drinking detox smoothies and before long, you’ll be joining them for a wheatgrass shot. The relaxed atmosphere is infectious and whether you join a retreat or take a one off class, you’ll leave feeling taller, calmer and healthier. Sure, the class sizes are pretty big, but if you’re like me, this lets you hide at the back and practise without feeling under pressure.  

Travelling really has been the most amazing adventure – from the food to the infinity pools, I’m so grateful for it all. Yet I wonder whether we all need these moments in our lives (without getting on the next plane to Bali). It might be yoga, a run or a detox smoothie that makes you do it, but if you can, find some time to press pause. 

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