Week one 

Life isn’t always the avocado and poached egg Instagram photo, sometimes its dry Frosties after a four mile run when you realise you’ve forgotten your lunch. It’s week one, and marathon training has officially begun. With the BUPA marathon plan downloaded to the home screen of my iPhone (the modern day equivalent of sticking it on your fridge), I’m going to attempt to bring you weekly updates over the next sixteen weeks!

My runs aren’t always as fun, or beautiful as I make out on Instagram, so here’s some more honest truths as I embrace the 26.2 miles to go.

1. You won’t feel like going

I’m pretty sure I’d win a marathon in procrastination. Nine times out of ten I’ll text my boyfriend, my mum and just about anyone else in my phonebook before going running, sharing just how much I don’t want to go. Nike hit the nail on the head when they came up with ‘just do it’ – you’ll be fine once you get started.

2. Get outside

At the moment I’m working right by Regent’s Park which is a real blessing in disguise. I’m pretty sure time stands still on a treadmill, so my next top tip would be to wrap up warm and embrace the great outdoors.

3. Don’t worry about the stats too much

Like all 21st century runners, I’m tracking my run on my watch, my strava and my nike run club app as I go. I’ve not gone as far as to upload them onto Instagram yet, but the key lesson here is to not get too bogged down by your average pace, heart rate and incline just yet. Everyone keeps reminding me it’s only week one, building routines and just getting out there is good enough!

4. Run at lunchtime

My first lunchtime run was great, my second the work showers broke and I was a sweaty mess for the remaining four hours. Either way, this week I learnt that I much prefer running in daylight – a hard task at this time of year, so fitting in lunchtime runs is a must. Oh, and to always carry face wipes on running days.

5. New kit helps

Last, but certainly not least, if you ever need motivation to go for a run, buying new kit works every time. Luckily my Christmas presents this year were heavily marathon-themed, as this definitely isn’t a tip I can afford to follow for the next sixteen weeks.

My to do list for week two, as I fit in an extra session of interval training, is to find a local running group. Are you marathon training? Do you have any top tips? Please shout if you do!

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