Week two

I’m soaked, I’ve walked nine miles and I’ve accidentally sent my boyfriend on a wild goose chase around London trying to find me. Welcome to the London tube strikes. This week, I’ve learnt just how tricky juggling life, work and marathon training really is.

Yet it’s not just my beloved Russell and Bromley boots and my sodden boyfriend that have had a tough week, my legs and body are exhausted. Reminding myself it’s a marathon, not a sprint, here comes my week two marathon diary post.


Rest days should be rest days

It goes without saying, rest days are important and allow your body to recover. This week, thanks to underground strikes and a rather hectic diary, even my days off have involved more exercise than normal.


Listen to your body

I learnt this one the hard way. Training schedules and apps are great when it comes to setting up a routine and upping your mileage, but listening to your body is far more important. If you’re tired and achey, give your legs a rest and skip a day – your body will thank you for it and you’ll avoid early injuries.


Sleep more, but get up early 

I’m not a snooze three times kind of girl. This week, with lunchtime meetings and a snowy weather forecast, I’ve had to retreat to the gym for some interval sessions. After an early night, I find it much easier to do an hours spinning before my morning coffee, much safer than an icy run round Regents Park in the snow.


Sprint sessions make treadmill runs go faster, even if you’re not

I’m not sure what’s longer, a minute on the treadmill or a minute waiting for your food in the microwave. I’ve mentioned my hate for treadmills before, yet this week I tried my first sprint session – 20 seconds as fast as I could go and 40 seconds at my normal pace. The time definitely went faster, even if I wasn’t actually moving any quicker.


After a very rainy six mile run this morning, I’m spending Sunday in bed, planning my runs for next week. Hopefully week three brings better weather and more motivation!

P.s I’ve set up my virgin money page for the big day – I’m running to support the wonderful work Beat do to raise awareness of eating disorders; a charity that made this marathon possible.

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