Week nine – my holiday from running

As I write this, I’m asking myself what sort of fitness blogger takes a weekend off training for a marathon, but then this blog has never been anything but honest, so here goes. This week my body has been tired; I hit the wall on a two mile run (I know, a tiny distance compared to last weekend), I missed an interval session and I enjoyed a weekend off, eating and drinking everything I’ve been cutting out these past nine weeks.

The result? Despite enjoying a few days in Riga, exploring the sights and having a glass of wine or two, the marathon was never far from my mind. My achey legs gave me away – apparently a very normal build-up of lactic acid, I can’t help worrying about every painful step with nine weeks to go. So, with a much lower mileage clocked up than the past few entries, here is my week nine marathon diary post.

Have someone you can call with the stupid questions

I’m lucky to have an amazing physio who knows how my overthinking, paranoid mind works. Every ache is a tear, or severe case of shin splints, or a dislocated knee. Having someone to put those thoughts in your head at ease, and reassure you having sore shins is VERY normal after pounding the pavements for 13.1 miles is priceless.

Build your support team

The same goes to my amazing team of supporters who have mopped up the tears, told me they’re proud of me and kept me going when everything hurts. I’ll look back on these blogs the next time I’m ever thinking of signing up to a second marathon as a reminder of just how hard this training period really is.

Give your body a break

Aches and twinges need to be listened to and as I’m constantly reminding myself throughout this process, training plans are just that. Don’t be afraid to take a day (or a weekend) off when you need it, and try not to spend the entire time beating yourself up. Advice I definitely need to listen to!

So, bring on week ten – here’s hoping for a much more active week as I approach the 15-mile mark for the first time.


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