Week ten – 16 miles

Excuse me whilst I have a bloody hell where is time going moment. With six weeks to go, the marathon is starting to feel very real. Week ten brought a constant ache in my calf, a super inspiring training session with other mental health runners on international women’s day and my first sixteen mile run. For all those still reading these marathon diary entries, here goes:

My body is tired 

I read somewhere that week ten is the most common time in the training plan to get injured, so my paranoid mind went into overdrive last week. The ache in my calf was definitely shin splints, or Achilles tendinitis or some other serious sporting injury that meant I couldn’t run on 23rd April. Thankfully, it’s just tired muscles caused by not stretching properly and everyone was right when they told me it would be ok. Still, my legs and body are definitely starting to feel the 30 miles a week. 

Meeting other runners reminded me why I’m doing this

Last Wednesday, after a day of non-stop rain, I set off to Green Park to cross-train with runners from the Mental Health Foundation. Talking about training plans, marathon times and just how hard it is giving up alcohol with people going through the same reminded me I’m definitely not alone in those ‘why the hell did I sign up to this’ moments. Muddy boot camp workouts are definitely not my thing, but I left with a smile on my face (and mud in my hair, but let’s not mention that).  

16 miles feels like a long way 

My phone was dying, my playlist was boring and I hadn’t slept properly the night before. Yet as I struggled round my longest run, I realised my body was fine, it was my mind that was finding it tough. After a bottle of lucozade half way (not a good plan – will stick to gels in future) and a little cry when ‘fight song’ came on, I made it back in one piece. I’m still not sure how I’ll make it round another ten miles after that, but I’m sure I’ll get my head around it eventually.

Wish me luck for week eleven, and here’s the link to my sponsorship page if any of you wonderful readers fancy donating. 

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