Three weeks to go

Over the past few weeks, life has taken over and I realise now it’s been a while since I updated this. Now I’m sat here sniffling (I’ve got a cold, I’m not crying) with 20 days to go till the big day. So here goes, I’m taking a deep breath and updating you all on the past few weeks training.

  • Week 11 brought me 15 miles worth of blisters. My feet seemed to give up on me when I needed them most, and protested the entire run from Clapham to Barnes. Possibly one of my hardest runs yet (into the wind the entire way), this was another reminder that sometimes you’ll just have bad runs and it’s ok. 
  • Week 12 brought a pair of new trainers and my furthest run yet – 20 miles. I was wearing new shoes, I was dehydrated and I took my gels far too early but I made it (after stopping to sit on the pavement and weep at mile 18). Rather than filling me with enthusiasm for the big day, it’s left me rather terrified for what’s to come; my body felt exhausted and I’m sure that extra 6.2 is going to feel like the entire marathon all over again, but hopefully the crowd and adrenaline will get me through. 
  • Week 13 has brought a killer cold – a result of running 20 miles I’m coughing and sneezing my way round my past few runs. I’m listening to my body and tapering down to much shorter runs to give myself a chance to fully recover. As the reality of the marathon begins to sink in, I know these next three weeks are just about getting my body, and mind, as ready as I possibly can. 

As well as my amazing support team, something that has definitely helped me keep up the momentum is Beat. One particular sponsorship comment I had to share included the usual words of encouragement, but also praise for the fact I’ve already got over a far bigger challenge than this marathon. My eating disorder made me a stronger person, but I know I’m one of the lucky ones. For all those who have already donated, thank you and if you haven’t and still want to, here’s my sponsorship page.

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