A different type of blog post 

Despite writing for a living and sharing so much of my life and recovery on this blog, when it came to writing this next post, I found it harder than expected. After months of fundraising, the team at Beat asked me to write them a blog post about the marathon, and what follows took a lot of editing, tweaking and the odd tear. 

How can I sum up how much this charity and those around me helped me through those dark days? And equally, how can I put into words how awful that time was, but how proud I am that it’s part of my past? This all consuming mental illness I spend my time blogging about is so often misconstrued or misunderstood, and it’s something I’ll never stop trying to change. 

So, if you fancy a read, here’s the link, and if you’re still fighting your own battles, remember it’s a marathon not a sprint, but a race so worth running. 

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