The London 10 mile 

Wow I’ve really neglected my little blog lately haven’t I? It’s not an excuse, but my job is mad and without the marathon to keep me focused, running has taken the back seat lately. 

That said, rest assured, a lack of blogging does not mean a lack of running! It’s strange but like everyone predicted, running is now part of my routine I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, live without. I’ve carried on doing the 5mile run home a couple of times a week (update – running a marathon does not make this feel any easier), and I’ve done a couple of races worth blogging about, so here goes! 
I was a very last minute entry into the first London 10 mile event in Richmond park. Despite knowing my legs had gone much further six weeks ago, the pre race nerves never really go away do they? With my kit ready for the Instagram photo, and my porridge on the side for tomorrow’s breakfast, the news came in – a terrorist attack, in London. 

Somehow, despite being in our flat in Clapham, five miles away from the atrocities, this felt very real and very close to home. Innocent people losing their lives and eight minutes of mayhem in the city I love and call home. As the hours went by, I convinced myself there was no way I’d be running in the morning – surely the race would be called off?

Five hours later the alarm goes off and it’s all still on. Texting my fellow runners in a panic – I wasn’t the only one with a heavy heart as I laced my trainers up. From the minutes silence for those hurt and injured, to the long round of applause for our amazing emergency services and NHS, this run had become far more than the incredibly hot, incredibly hilly ten mile race it was. This was a show of unity, togetherness and not letting evil win. 

I walked away thinking never again to Richmond park (some of those hills!) but with the belief that if you ever need to be reminded of the power of humanity – sign up to a running race. 

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